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Perhaps—just perhaps—it is time you considered what is more important to you, working more to make little or working less to make more. By working with Alora Web Editor, you work less and earn more.

Work Less. Do More

Work 5x less and earn more. Accomplish what you could do in 5 days in just one day while focusing on the important things in life. Your time is worth more than anything, so why spend more than you need to working? Redeem your time.

Make More Money

As a designer your earn more by doing more in less time. You can also earn by joining or affiliate program, the more you use the app the more you earn. You could also create new templates and assets in our app store and sell them to passive income.

Less Time to Market

You as a designer might have the wish to expand your freelancing career and add web designing to your services but you are not ready to learn to code. Alora Web Editor can make you a web designer in no time. Within a week of learn, you can build your first website, no coding.

make More Meaning

Life is short, it is better to spend it doing what you love. To make an impact in your world you need three things. Time, a vision and people. Alora Web Editor gives you the platform to do just that. You get to redeem your time while helping others and earning money.


You need to have basic design skills. Typography, Blending of colors, and a good sense of design aesthetics. 

Join the online community to download the latest version of the software. Premium Community access is given to those who have purchased an Alora Yearly or lifetime license.  However, you can test the app and watch essential tutorial videos in our public community. Click on Buy App and send a message with content /start to sign up and purchase the app or Download if you want to download and test the app.

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Download, create an account, and activate the software. Once you have installed it. launch it and create an account with a working email and a strong password you can remember. You will receive an email with a code to activate your account. Use that code to activate your software. The code might come into your spam so check your spam for the code. Log out and log in again to finish activating the app. 

In our community, you will have access to our free training essentials and start learning to build websites without coding. Premium training courses will also be available for you once you have activated the application.

If you want to accelerate your learning and shorten the curve as much as possible you can opt into our monthly premium community membership where you will be able to join our 1 on 1 online training sessions. You can also join our elite coaching package where you get a senior designer and developer to help coach you through your projects.

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Your free training Courses

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Building Websites
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Building Websites

Basic Animation in Alora Web

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SEO With Alora Web Editor

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PSD Web Templates

Benefits of Alora over the traditional path to Web Design. 

You can get to the goal faster

You save alot of
money and time

You get to do
what you love

Paid Online Training

Building Web Apps With Alora Editor

Bespoke Web Design With Alora Editor

What is in it for you? How can you benefit from using Alora Web Editor ?

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